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    This 5 week interactive class is for babies 4-20 months old and 1-2 adult caregivers. Did you know that babies have the ability to communicate using their hands (using gestures and signs) long before they are capable of speaking? They just need to be taught. In this class series, we will use songs, books and playful activities to teach adults and babies how to use simple ASL signs for pre verbal communication....while having fun! New signs will be taught each week and each class will have a different theme. Supplies are included. Please come to play, learn and meet new friends. Research shows that babies who learn a few basic signs actually speak sooner, are less frustrated, and have higher IQs than their non-signing peers.

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    Read Notice111850-ABABY SING, SIGN AND02/26/19 - 04/02/19Tu 6:30P - 7:15P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable


    Come meet us at the top of the coconut tree! In this class, we will listen to the story and cook up an alphabet snack. We'll assemble our own paper trees, and learn lots of fun ways to practiec our letters together through age appropriate crafts and activities.

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    Read Notice128828-ACHICKA CHICKA BOOM B01/24/19 - 01/24/19Th10:00A - 11:00A$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice128828-BGOING ON A BEAR HUNT01/31/19 - 01/31/19Th10:00A - 11:00A$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice128828-CMESSY02/07/19 - 02/07/19Th10:00A - 11:00A$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice128828-DVALENTINE'S DAY02/14/19 - 02/14/19Th10:00A - 11:00A$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice128828-EIF YOU GIVE A MOUSE02/28/19 - 02/28/19Th10:00A - 11:00A$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice128828-FDR, SEUSS' BIRTHDAY03/07/19 - 03/07/19Th10:00A - 11:00A$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable

    411819 - LIL ATHLETES

    Lil Athletes is a fun introduction to sports of all sorts. (Soccer, tennis, basketball and more). All games and activities promote the development of gross motor skills and encourage peer interaction in a safe and non-competitive environment. Come join the team!

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    Read Notice411819-BLIL ATHLETES11/19/18 - 12/17/18M 1:30P - 2:15P$59PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull

    411820 - TERRIFIC TOTS

    Busy 2 or 3 year old? Come, play and meet new friends! We'll play on gym equipment and end the class with circle time fun. In circle time, we'll sing, show and tell, read books and play games geared towards a toddler's sense of fun and creativity.

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    Add to Cart411820-CTERRIFIC 2S & 3S11/27/18 - 12/18/18Tu10:30A - 11:15A$35PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Come and explore all sorts of artisitic materials. We'll be creating art with traditional materials like paint and brushes but also with unusual materials like marbles and sponges. Your young person will be so proud to create and bring home their own unique works of art. Different projects each session!

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    Read Notice412822-DPINT-SIZED PICASSO'S11/28/18 - 12/12/18W10:00A - 10:45A$30PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull


    Mighty Mites teaches motor skills and the mechanics of tennis with age/size adaptive equipment. We follow the USTA 10 & Under Progression Model using foam and red balls for this class. All equipment is provided for this class.

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    Read Notice415226-AMIGHTY MITES I TENNI09/18/18 - 10/23/18Tu 4:00P - 4:45P$85TENNIS CLUB OF ROCH.Item DetailsUnavailable

    415803 - FUN WITH ONES

    Come and enjoy special play time with your little one! There will be equipment to play on, new friends to meet, songs and circle time.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart415803-EFUN WITH ONES11/26/18 - 12/17/18M 9:30A - 10:15A$35PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart415803-FFUN WITH ONES11/27/18 - 12/18/18Tu 9:30A - 10:15A$35PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Double your fun with two classes in one! Play in the gym room and create in the art room. End each class with circle time fun! New projects every session!

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    Read Notice415811-BSCRIBBLE & SCRAMBLE10/11/18 - 11/01/18Th 9:30A - 10:30A$40PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart415811-CSCRIBBLE & SCRAMBLE11/08/18 - 12/13/18Th 9:30A - 10:30A$40PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Play the glockenspiels while the snowflakes fall, dance along to the Jingle Bell dance! Welcome snow with your child as we sing, play instruments and make a craft to celebrate the season of Winter. All materials supplied. An adult must accompany each child.

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    Add to Cart415824-FMUSIC, CRAFT AND FUN12/14/18 - 12/14/18F 9:30A - 10:30A$11PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Right side up or upside down, put all that energy to good use by tumbling, running and jumping with friends! Use floor-bars, beams and mats to build upper body strength plus vaulting and running to build coordination and agility! Just the right gross motor activity needed for a growing, healthy body! Curriculum designed to build on skills with new activities introduced in each session. Note which ages correspond with class times. Long hair should be pulled back and please bring a water bottle.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice415826-AJUMPING GYMNASTICS09/21/18 - 10/26/18F 1:00P - 1:45P$55PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull
    Add to Cart415826-BJUMPING GYMNASTICS11/02/18 - 12/14/18F 1:00P - 1:45P$55PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Read Notice415826-CJUMPING GYMNASTICS09/25/18 - 10/30/18Tu 4:15P - 5:00P$55PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable


    This new class offers smiles and fun as we progress our way through the fundamentals of sports basics! Kids will learn catching, throwing, kicking and scoring as we have fun with Soccer, Lacrosse, Football and Track & Field events! Plenty of running and jumping included. We try out teamwork, sharing and sportsmanship! Something new to try each week through December! Come and discover your favorite!

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    Read Notice415840-DFALL FRIENDLY SPORTS09/18/18 - 10/30/18Tu 1:00P - 1:45P$54PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart415840-GFALL FRIENDLY SPORTS11/02/18 - 12/14/18F 9:45A - 10:30A$49PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Simple dance steps are fun and energizing ways for children to develop motor skills and expand their imagination. The introduction of basic ballet movements and vocabulary provides structure, improves coordination and challenges the memory. Registrant must provide pink leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes and hair pulled back off face into a bun.

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    Add to Cart415854-ACREATIVE MOVEMENT09/08/18 - 12/22/18Sa 9:30A - 10:00A$105PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Let's learn about hibernation by reading this adorable storybook Bear Snores On! We will make a "beary" cute craft and have a tea party with snacks just like the characters in the story!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice415892-ABEAR SNORES ON! TEA01/12/19 - 01/12/19Sa10:00A - 11:00A$10PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull

    415895 - PEPPY PINT SOCCER

    Fun, foundational sports for your tot! Start off this season with soccer skills putting all that energy to use running, kicking, and meeting new friends! Lessons and games are designed to introduce and progress skills for happy little athletes.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice415895-APEPPY PINT SOCCER09/18/18 - 10/30/18Tu10:30A - 11:00A$56PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice415895-BPEPPY PINT SOCCER09/21/18 - 10/26/18F10:30A - 11:00A$48PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice415895-EPEPPY PINT SOCCER PL11/02/18 - 12/14/18F10:30A - 11:00A$48PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull


    Have fun while learning the basic steps in tap and ballet personality songs and cute routines. Tap and ballet shoes are required. Used shoes may be available to buy or trade - contact Shirley Reback at 880-7147.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart416810-ATEENY TINY TOT TAP/B09/11/18 - 12/18/18Tu10:00A - 10:45A$165PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    416815 - TINY TOT TAP/BALLET

    Tap dance covers basic tap steps, personality songs and a number of routines. Baller covers 5 ballet positions, grace, poise and style. One half class covers tap, other half covers ballet. Tap and ballet shoes are required. Shoes may be available to buy or trade - contact Shirley Reback at

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart416815-ATINY TOT TAP/BALLET09/11/18 - 12/18/18Tu 9:15A - 10:00A$165PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart416815-CTINY TOT TAP/BALLET09/14/18 - 12/21/18F 9:15A - 10:00A$165PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Come Wiggle, Giggle and Jiggle! Fun movement activities, music, games, stories and rhymes that promote gross motor skills, following directions, decision making, self-confidence and social interaction. A great preschool and kindergarten readiness class.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice418828-AWIGGLES, GIGGLES & J09/18/18 - 10/23/18Tu10:00A - 11:00A$69PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable


    A great class for preschoolers! An active yoga class with age-appropriate yoga poses, fun music, yoga games and more. Develops strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Equal focus on breathing techniques and sweet, peaceful movements to relax. Please bring water to class. Extra mats are available to borrow if your child does not have their own.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice421100-ABUTTERFLY KIDS YOGA09/07/18 - 10/26/18F10:00A - 10:45A$77PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart421100-BBUTTERFLY KIDS YOGA11/02/18 - 12/21/18F10:00A - 10:45A$66PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    425752 - TINY TROTTERS

    Children will be introduced to the love of horses, their care and the enjoyment of riding. Your child will learn the basics of riding and how to groom their pony. Adult attendance required.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice425752-GTINY TROTTERS10/09/18 - 10/23/18Tu 3:00P - 3:30P$60JLD EQUINEItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice425752-HTINY TROTTERS10/09/18 - 10/23/18Tu 3:30P - 4:00P$60JLD EQUINEItem DetailsUnavailable


    Parents and their little builders can come and spend a fun morning together assembling age-appropriate projects. We will build our own pretzels, have a story, and rotate through stations where everyone will have the opportunity to hammer, saw and experiment with concrete and build their own house.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice428828-BCONSTRUCTION12/13/18 - 12/13/18Th10:00A - 11:00A$15PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull
    Read Notice428828-DTHE GINGERBREAD MAN12/20/18 - 12/20/18Th10:00A - 11:00A$15PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull
    Read Notice428828-EKIDS IN THE KITCHEN10/04/18 - 10/25/18Th10:00A - 11:00A$50PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Add to Cart428828-HWINTER01/10/19 - 01/10/19Th10:00A - 11:00A$15PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    This process oriented art class is so much fun for young children. Not only do they make beautiful works of art, but they will explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) concepts through the process. They will make art by using catapults, bouncing and throwing, rolling and shaking, gluing and pasting, blowing and pulling, whacking and smacking, sticking and stacking, and more! Children learn: pre-writing skills, fine motor skills/hand-eye coordination, color identification, saturation, patterning, color mixing to make new colors, creativity, symmetry, negative/positive space, cause and effect, and the learning goes on and on.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart428829-BSTEAM POWERED ART11/27/18 - 12/18/18Tu10:30A - 11:15A$50PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    This sensory and science class will thrill your young children. They get to explore a variety of materials with their senses. They will explore slimy things, ooey gooey things, wet and dry things, rough and smooth things and more! They will experience chemistry and physics as they play and explore the natural materials provided. Things will go fizzle and pop, things will go fast and slow, things will roll and fly! Children will learn concepts such as absorption, displacement, measurement, cause and effect, sensory and tactile awareness, solid, liquid, suspension, drainage, conservation, volume, mass, saturation, estimation and the learning goes on and on.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart428832-ISENSORY AND SCIENCE11/28/18 - 12/19/18W 9:15A - 10:15A$50PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart428832-JSENSORY AND SCIENCE11/28/18 - 12/19/18W10:30A - 11:30A$50PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    428835 - LOOSE PARTS PLAY

    Loose parts play can make the imagination soar! Your youngsters will use their creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills to...well, do whatever their little hearts desire with the materials provided. Loose parts are "loosely defined' as anything that you can move, carry, line up, combine, take apart, put together, arrange and so on. "Stuff", "junk", "things", etc..... There are infinite possibilities with the open ended nature of loose parts play. Loose Parts play is inclusive, children of any background and any level of development and skill can be successful. There is no right or wrong way to use them. Children will discover multiple ways to use the materials, new ways of thinking and processing knowledge, while engaging their curiosity and having fun. Loose parts are THE PATH to innovation in young children! Join us!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart428835-DLOOSE PARTS PLAY01/07/19 - 01/07/19M10:30A - 11:30A$10PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart428835-ELOOSE PARTS PLAY01/08/19 - 01/08/19Tu10:30A - 11:30A$10PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart428835-FLOOSE PARTS PLAY01/02/19 - 01/02/19W10:30A - 11:30A$10PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart428835-GLOOSE PARTS PLAY01/09/19 - 01/09/19W10:30A - 11:30A$10PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
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