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    Art starts with desire! Come find the artist in you. Learn to paint. Choose your own medium (oil, watercolor, pastel, ink, pencil or acrylic). Plan for a fun filled adventure. Watercolor supplies provided for first class. Beginners always welcome.

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    Add to Cart342830-APAINTING AND DRAWING07/08/19 - 08/26/19M 1:30P - 4:00P$66PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart342830-BOPEN ART STUDIO06/25/19 - 09/03/19Tu 1:30P - 4:00P$92PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    342890 - WATERCOLORS

    Join us for one or more classes in this series of easy summer themed watercolor paintings. Come and enjoy the luscious colors of the season and relaxing process along the way. You will return home iwth your own matted 'masterpiece'. Previous experience is not required. All materials included. Children 10-15 are welcome with registered adult.

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    Add to Cart342890-CPAINT YOUR OWN MASTE07/30/19 - 07/30/19Tu 1:00P - 3:00P$22PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Enjoy our 125 acre farm while learning how to control your horse in an open space environment. Our trails are vast and diverse including fields, streams, woods and a large pond. Lessons include basics of riding, safety and exploring our scenic trails depending on your level of riding as determined by our trainer. She will accompany you on all trails.

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    Add to Cart345752-DBASIC SKILLS FOR TRA07/24/19 - 08/07/19W 6:00P - 7:00P$100JLD EQUINEItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345752-EBASIC SKILLS FOR TRA07/26/19 - 08/09/19F 6:00P - 7:00P$100JLD EQUINEItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345752-GBASIC SKILLS FOR TRA08/14/19 - 08/28/19W 6:00P - 7:00P$100JLD EQUINEItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345752-HBASIC SKILLS FOR TRA08/16/19 - 08/30/19F 6:00P - 7:00P$100JLD EQUINEItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345752-IBASIC SKILLS FOR TRA08/17/19 - 08/31/19Sa 3:00P - 4:00P$100JLD EQUINEItem DetailsAvailable


    This course is designed for the true beginner golfer. Our PGA Professional instructors will gently guide you through the fundamentals of the game of golf. Posture, grip and alignment will be the starting point of the session working into different swing shapes and styles at the proper time. All aspects of the game will be covered from putting, chipping, full swing, to rules and etiquette rounding out the curriculum.

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    Add to Cart345790-FADULT BEGINNER GOLF07/25/19 - 08/15/19Th 5:00P - 6:00P$99EAGLE VALEItem DetailsAvailable

    345794 - SENIOR GOLF

    Getting a little older? Not hitting the ball as far as you once did; or as solidly as you used to? This program is designed to improve your contact, create a little more club head speed (think distance) and also to show you a few ways to spice up your short game! Chipping, pitching and putting will all be covered and different drills and exercises will be implemented to help improve your overall game.

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    Add to Cart345794-BMENS SENIOR GOLF CAM08/05/19 - 08/26/19M 2:00P - 3:00P$99EAGLE VALEItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345794-DWOMENS SENIOR GOLF08/05/19 - 08/26/19M 3:00P - 4:00P$99EAGLE VALEItem DetailsAvailable


    Introduction to fundamental karate techniques and self-defense skills in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere. Students will learn basic blocks, kicks, punches and stances, along with personal security and self-defense basics. Learn at your own pace, while building fitness, confidence, balance and coordination in a fun, non-threatening setting. For more information, visit or call 223-2670. If you are a returning student, please register through Fairport Karate Academy.

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    Add to Cart345808-AKARATE - BEGINNER06/25/19 - 08/27/19Tu 5:30P - 6:20P$95FPT KARATE ACADEMYItem DetailsAvailable

    345840 - ROWING

    Learn the basics of rowing at the Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center, a facility in which water tanks are used to simulate outdoor rowing. If you enjoy the class, you can then enroll in Rochester Boat Club's full Learn to Row program, in which you will row on the water. Rowing provides a low impact cardio workout and an opportunity to exercise on the scenic Erie Canal. To row indoors, wear stretchy, fitted exercise clothing, socks and sneakers, and bring a water bottle.

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    Add to Cart345840-BINTRO TO ROWING08/17/19 - 08/17/19Sa 1:00P - 3:00P$5PITTSFORDItem DetailsAvailable


    Meditation is not just about being quiet nor is it about the absence of challenges. It is about being the witness or observer of one's life experiences. Through increasing awareness or mindfulness, we learn to transcend the ego self that thrives on drama, pain and suffering. Meditation develops concentration and promotes deep relaxation, with the brain emitting alpha and theta waves. These waves have the power to calm the mind, relax the body, and balance and harmonize the discordant energies within us. When we allow meditation to become a part of our lives, we are in reality reconnecting to the 'sacred silence' that resides in us and allows the inner peace to permeate in our outer life. The sessions will include the use of the crystal singing bowls and how these sounds can expedite one's healing and transformation.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart345844-AHEALING AND TRANSFOR07/11/19 - 08/08/19Th 6:30P - 7:45P$55PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    345845 - YOGA IN THE PARK

    Come breathe in fresh air, embrace blue skies and sunshine in Perinton's Center Park as you rejuvenate your mind and reduce your stress with Vinyasa Yoga. Synchronized by your breath, this style of yoga is structured to meet you where you are in your personal practice Modificaitons are always offered. Visit for more information.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart345845-AYOGA IN THE PARK08/07/19 - 08/28/19W 6:30P - 7:45P$56CENTER PARKItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345845-BROC YOGA IN THE PARK08/07/19 - 08/07/19W 6:30P - 7:45P$15CENTER PARKItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345845-CYOGA IN THE PARK08/14/19 - 08/14/19W 6:30P - 7:45P$15CENTER PARKItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345845-DYOGA IN THE PARK08/21/19 - 08/21/19W 6:30P - 7:45P$15CENTER PARKItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345845-EYOGA IN THE PARK08/28/19 - 08/28/19W 6:30P - 7:45P$15CENTER PARKItem DetailsAvailable


    All classes focus on basic obedience: sit, down, stay, come, handling, loose leash walking, impulse control, and other techniques. We will also discuss behavior problems such as biting, mouthing, barking, jumping and house training. Teen Puppy teaches more advanced items including leave it, heel and settle.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart345849-CTEEN PUPPY06/18/19 - 07/30/19Tu 8:15P - 9:00P$110PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    345855 - TAI CHI

    Tai Chi Long Form contains a total of 108 moves and is divided into three sections which makes it easier to learn. Each section builds on techniques learned previously. Tai Chi is excellent for improving balance and relaxation. Although based on martial arts, we simply just teach the exercise. Tai Chi is low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring your body is in constant motion.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart345855-ATAI CHI06/29/19 - 09/07/19Sa 9:00A - 10:30A$88PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you are mindful, you are observing your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness teaches living in the moment and awakening to the experience. Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness practices improve physical, mental and emotional health. The class will include a short meditation and a dialogue on how mindfulness practices can be used to overcome life's challenges. We will examine how these difficulties can become pathways to greater psychological freedom.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart345874-APRACTICING MEDITATIO07/09/19 - 08/06/19Tu 6:30P - 7:45P$55PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    This program shows participants how to create a sustainable income in retirement, how taxes could affect you in retirement, how to plan for taxes in retirement, why a retirement income plan is crucial and where to look for retirement income.

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    Add to Cart345902-ALIFE AFTER WORK07/30/19 - 07/30/19Tu 6:00P - 7:30P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart345902-BSAVVY SOCIAL SECURIT08/27/19 - 08/27/19Tu 6:00P - 7:30P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    This class is for students with little or no dance training or for those students returning to ballet after any number of years. It is good for body toning and getting back into shape.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart346830-AADULT/TEEN BALLET06/27/19 - 08/29/19Th 7:30P - 8:45P$115PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    These are the perfect pairing of Latin dances for hot summer nights! You'll be ready to go clubbing! - Beginner Level.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart346867-ASALSA & MERENGUE06/24/19 - 07/22/19M 6:00P - 7:00P$45PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-BFOXTROT06/24/19 - 07/22/19M 7:00P - 8:00P$45PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-CSAMBA06/24/19 - 07/22/19M 8:00P - 9:00P$45PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-DHUSTLE07/29/19 - 08/26/19M 6:00P - 7:00P$45PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-ERUMBA07/29/19 - 08/26/19M 7:00P - 8:00P$45PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-FCOUNTRY TWO STEP07/29/19 - 08/26/19M 8:00P - 9:00P$45PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-GCOMBO CLASS06/24/19 - 07/22/19M 6:00P - 8:00P$81PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-HCOMBO CLASS06/24/19 - 07/22/19M 7:00P - 9:00P$81PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-ICOMBO CLASS07/29/19 - 08/26/19M 6:00P - 8:00P$81PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-JCOMBO CLASS07/29/19 - 08/26/19M 7:00P - 9:00P$81PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-KCOMBO CLASS06/24/19 - 07/22/19M 6:00P - 9:00P$122PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart346867-LCOMBO CLASS07/29/19 - 08/26/19M 6:00P - 9:00P$122PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    347808 - CULINARY TOURS

    A Finger Lakes Tour of markets, mills, bakeries, and other locales with an emphasis on food. Participants will meet in Penn Yan and drive separately or car pool to each locatiaon. The tour includes five separate locations. Bring your appetite as we will be sampling along the way. Once registered, details and directions will be sent to participants.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice347808-ACULINARY TOURS07/25/19 - 07/25/19Th 9:30A - 4:30P$36BIRKETT MILLSItem DetailsFull


    Whether a new buyer or a move-up buyer, you will learn to avoid the most common pitfalls buyers make. Discussion will include inspections, mortgage options, negotiations and comparable pricing. Learn the value of home warranties and why to avoid the dangers of the dreaded for sale by owner (FSBO).

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart348103-E10 DEADLIEST MISTAKE08/14/19 - 08/14/19W 7:00P - 8:15P$10PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart348103-GHOW TO PREPARE, STAG08/13/19 - 08/13/19Tu 7:00P - 8:15P$10PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Learn how to make your own wine! This fun and educational 4-class series will take you thorugh all the steps of making wine and you will leave the last class with bottles of wine.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart348106-AWINE MAKING EXPERIEN06/26/19 - 08/28/19W 7:00P - 7:45P$50CASA VIN ARTEItem DetailsAvailable

    352135 - SUMMER FLOWERS

    Two evenings of simple but inspiring fresh seasonal floral designs. Step by step instructions in a friendly and informal setting - no experience required. All supplies included - just bring a box to take home your fabulous creations.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart352135-ASUMMER FLOWERS07/30/19 - 07/30/19Tu 6:30P - 8:00P$55PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart352135-BSUMMER FLOWERS08/08/19 - 08/08/19Th 6:30P - 8:00P$55PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    422804 - LEARN TO KNIT

    Come and join us and learn to knit. This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to knit or re-learn if it has been awhile. Take some time, bring a lunch and a friend and enjoy while we learn how to knit, purl, cast-on and cast-off. Please bring size 8 knitting needles and medium weight yarn to class.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice422804-ANEEDLES AT NOON:LEAR10/22/19 - 11/05/19Tu12:00P - 1:00P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice422804-BCROCHET AT NOON09/23/19 - 10/07/19M12:00P - 1:00P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice422804-CCROCHET @ NOON: BABY10/21/19 - 11/04/19M12:00P - 1:00P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice422804-DNEEDLES AT NOON: KNI11/12/19 - 12/03/19Tu12:00P - 1:00P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice422804-HCROCHET AT NOON: DEC11/18/19 - 12/09/19M12:00P - 1:00P$0PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsUnavailable

    425807 - FRIENDS 'N FUN

    This socially engaging program is offered throughout the school year. Activities include arts and crafts, cooking, music, bowling, field trips and much more. Activity schedule will be mailed/emailed bi-monthly. A one time registration per school calendar year (Sept. 2019-June 2020) is required to become a Friends and Fun member. Additional costs may apply for each activity. Registered members should call 223-5050 to sign up for individual activities.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice425807-AFRIENDS 'N FUN09/07/19 - 05/30/20Sa12:00P - 4:00P$0POTTER PARKItem DetailsUnavailable
    Read Notice425807-BFRIENDS N FUN09/07/19 - 05/30/20Sa12:00P - 4:00P$0POTTER PARKItem DetailsUnavailable