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    Come and explore all sorts of artisitic materials. We'll be creating art with traditional materials like paint and brushes but also with unusual materials like marbles and sponges. Your young person will be so proud to create and bring home their own unique works of art. Different projects each session!

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    Add to Cart412822-CPINT-SIZED PICASSO'S11/18/20 - 12/09/20W10:00A - 10:45A$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsWaitlist
    Add to Cart412822-EPINT-SIZED PICASSO'S01/06/21 - 01/13/21W 5:45P - 6:30P$20/$22PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsWaitlist


    Simple dance steps are fun and energizing ways for children to develop motor skills and expand their imagination. The introduction of basic ballet movements and vocabulary provides structure, improves coordination and challenges the memory. Registrant must provide pink leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes and hair pulled back off face into a bun.

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    Add to Cart415854-ACREATIVE MOVEMENT10/24/20 - 12/19/20Sa 9:00A - 9:30A$56/$62PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    416815 - PRE-BALLET & TAP CLASS

    Children will have fun learning basic ballet and tap steps, developing coordination, musicality, imagination and creativity. A variety of props and styles of music are introduced to enhance the experience. Girls wear leotards and tights, pull their hair out of the face and boys wear t-shirts, gym shorts or sweat pants. Ballet and tap shoes are required.

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    Add to Cart416815-BPRE-BALLET & TAP CLA10/23/20 - 01/15/21F10:15A - 11:00A$100/$110PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Each yoga class provides your child with an engaging and fun opportunity to explore yoga as we develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and more. Equal time is spent on age-appropriate ways to breathe, ground ourselves and find calm. Weekly themes include strength, peace, love, being active, mindful bodies, thankfulness and more. Yoga mats available to borrow.

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    Add to Cart421100-BBUTTERFLY KIDS YOGA11/03/20 - 12/15/20Tu10:00A - 10:45A$77/$85PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart421100-DBUTTERFLY KIDS YOGA11/06/20 - 12/18/20F10:00A - 10:45A$66/$73PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    425752 - TINY TROTTERS

    Children will be introduced to the love of horses, their care and the enjoyment of riding. Your child will learn the basics of riding and how to groom their pony. Adult attendance required.

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    Add to Cart425752-GTINY TROTTERS12/01/20 - 12/15/20Tu 3:30P - 4:00P$70/$77JLD EQUINEItem DetailsWaitlist
    Add to Cart425752-HTINY TROTTERS12/02/20 - 12/16/20W 3:30P - 4:00P$70/$77JLD EQUINEItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart425752-ITINY TROTTERS12/04/20 - 12/18/20F 3:30P - 4:00P$70/$77JLD EQUINEItem DetailsWaitlist


    Let's enjoy a class based on Jan Brett's adorable animal characters who huddle together while they try to stay warm in a snowstorm. We will listen to the story and work together to create a cute mask and an ice painting. We'll play games and pretend to be the animals in the book.

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    Add to Cart428828-HTHE MITTEN12/10/20 - 12/10/20Th10:00A - 11:00A$15/$17PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsWaitlist