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    An age appropriate karate curriculum that blends basic aspects of karate with life and safety skills that will improve self-confidence, balance, self-control, fitness and coordination, in a fun, non-threatening environment. If you are a returning student, please register through Fairport Karate Academy. For more information visit or call 223-2670.

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    Add to Cart115801-AJUNIOR KARATE - BEG.01/22/20 - 04/01/20W 5:30P - 6:10P$95/$104FPT KARATE ACADEMYItem DetailsAvailable


    Join in for a fun time jumping between the world of Minecraft and the real world of science. There is math and science lurking behind every corner in Minecraft. We'll go looking to see what we can find and bring it out of the virtual and into the real world! All the experiments will be hands-on and aimed towards getting kids excited about math and science. All new experiments every sesion!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice115853-ASCIENCE OF MINECRAFT02/25/20 - 03/03/20Tu 4:15P - 5:15P$20/$22PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull
    Add to Cart115853-FTHE SCIENCE OF HARRY01/23/20 - 01/30/20Th 4:15P - 5:15P$20/$22PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    115895 - YOUTH SPORTS

    Whether you like gymnastics, cheerleading or Ninja-warrior tricks it all start with a good gymnastic foundation. With safety-certified Coach Mary, we will use proven exercises and drills adapted for each child's ability level! We'll focus on upper and lower body strength, flexibility and coordination - not to mention cool tricks to show our friends!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice115895-AJUMPING GYMNASTICS01/24/20 - 03/13/20F 4:15P - 5:00P$85/$94PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull
    Add to Cart115895-BHAPPY HOPPERS01/24/20 - 03/13/20F 5:10P - 5:45P$69/$76PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart115895-CSPORTY WINTER GAMES01/28/20 - 03/24/20Tu12:45P - 1:30P$69/$76PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    121813 - GYMNASTICS

    Have fun while learning basic to advanced tumbling skills. All levels are welcome. Individualized skills taught depending on level. We will build skills, stretch and strengthen muscles in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. A great class for buidling self-confidence, motor skills and body awareness.

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    Add to Cart121813-AGYMNASTICS01/27/20 - 03/23/20M 4:45P - 5:30P$100/$110PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    121835 - FENCING

    Come play pirate and other fun games in this safe introduction to the sport of fencing. Start with warm up, obstacle courses, and skill building activities to develop focus, agility, balance and eye/hand coordination. Children experience the thrill of sword play in the context of a structured class and build self confidence using specialized plastic foils, chest plates, and masks. Geared for the short attention span of little ones.

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    Add to Cart121835-EYOUTH FENCING03/02/20 - 03/23/20M 5:00P - 5:45P$52/$57ROCHESTER FENCINGItem DetailsAvailable

    122864 - ART W/ ALAN

    A continuation of Cartooning 101 with new iades of how to bring your ideas about your characters to life using some new media to make your art brighter. All materials will be provied along with a snack.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Read Notice122864-ECARTOONING 10201/27/20 - 02/24/20M 4:00P - 5:30P$26/$29PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull
    Read Notice122864-MGRAPHIC NOVEL FOR KI03/02/20 - 03/30/20M 4:00P - 5:30P$33/$36PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsFull


    Good running technique is great for all sports! This special winter session includes things like ninja-warrior type challenges to keep away the winter blues! Also be a part of our running club's popular pastime of sprinting games and the Big Baton Relay. All activities designed to empower girls and boys to try their hardest and achieve!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart124866-AWINTER SPRINTERS01/28/20 - 03/24/20Tu 4:15P - 5:00P$69/$76PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    125226 - MIGHTY MITES II

    Mighty Mites II teaches motor skills and the mechanics of tennis with age/size adaptive equipment. We follow the USTA 10 & Under Progression Model using foam and red balls for this class. All equipment is provided forr the class.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125226-AMIGHTY MITES II02/25/20 - 03/31/20Tu 4:45P - 5:30P$90/$100TENNIS CLUB OF ROCH.Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125226-BMIGHTY MITES II02/29/20 - 04/04/20Sa12:45P - 1:30P$90/$100TENNIS CLUB OF ROCH.Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125226-CMIGHT MITES II03/01/20 - 04/05/20Su12:45P - 1:30P$90/$100TENNIS CLUB OF ROCH.Item DetailsAvailable

    125228 - NEXT WAVE TENNIS

    Next Wave teaches your child the motor skills, mechanics and basic fundamentals of tennis through fun games. We follow the USTA 10 & Under Progression Model using both orange and green dot balls for this class. All equipment is provided.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125228-ANEXT WAVE TENNIS02/27/20 - 04/02/20Th 4:30P - 5:30P$150/$160TENNIS CLUB OF ROCH.Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125228-BNEXT WAVE TENNIS02/29/20 - 04/04/20Sa 3:00P - 4:00P$150/$160TENNIS CLUB OF ROCH.Item DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125228-CNEXT WAVE TENNIS03/01/20 - 04/05/20Su 1:30P - 2:30P$150/$160TENNIS CLUB OF ROCH.Item DetailsAvailable

    125232 - ACTING

    Disney's The Lion King has captivated the imagination of audiences around the world and now the African savannah comes to life with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle....and back again, in this inspiring, coming-of-age tale. Cast members will also make new friends and learn the value of teamwork. The program will culminate in a full stage production. Tuition covers costume rental, sets, props, show shirt and cast party.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125232-ADISNEY'S THE LION KI01/27/20 - 03/23/20M 5:30P - 7:30P$200/$210PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125232-BTHE WIZARD OF OZ01/23/20 - 04/02/20Th 5:30P - 7:30P$200/$210PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125232-CBEST OF MOVIE MUSICA02/17/20 - 02/21/20M-F 9:00A - 3:30P$150/$160PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125232-CCBEST OF MOVIE MUSICA02/17/20 - 02/21/20M-F 8:00A - 5:00P$230/$240PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125232-DBEST OF BROADWAY04/06/20 - 04/10/20M-F 9:00A - 3:30P$150/$160PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125232-DDBEST OF BROADWAY04/06/20 - 04/10/20M-F 8:00A - 5:00P$230/$240PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Instruction covers rules, equipment, conditioning, position play, strategies, stick handling, etc. Sticks and balls provided.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125304-ABOYS & GIRLS MICRO L02/02/20 - 03/08/20Su 9:00A - 10:00A$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Explore diverse adventures each day by creating new friendships, developing leadership skills through games problem solving and having entertainment over break. Field trips may include soaring from ropes at Rock Venture, strategically capturing more teammates with Rochester Foam Dart League, exploring animals at the Seneca Park Zoo scavenger hunt, cooking lunch, swimming, and more.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125804-ABE WILD OUTDOOR ADVE02/20/20 - 02/20/20Th 9:00A - 5:00P$65/$72PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    125831 - DANCE CAMP

    This camp is a magical dance experience for both princes and princesses. Each day, participants will experience movement, ballet, turmbling, and jazz dance. We will also have craft time with a theme each day. Participants need to bring a snack and drink each day. Princes and Princesses can wear athletic clothing, dress up clothing that is easy to dance in, or leotard. Join the last day for a special performance.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125831-APRINCE & PRINCESS CA04/06/20 - 04/09/20M-Th12:00P - 2:00P$72/$79PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125831-BDESCENDANTS DANCE CA04/06/20 - 04/10/20M-F 9:00A - 11:00A$90/$99PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    125851 - BALLET I

    Ballet I builds on beginning ballet, encouraging the continuing and developing student - but first-time students are welcome too! Children learn ballet barre and center exercises and routines of increased complexity. Strength, agility, graceful athleticism and body awareness are improved upon through the study of ballet technique. Please see the description of clothing for Beginning Ballet.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125851-ABALLET I01/27/20 - 03/30/20M 4:30P - 5:15P$65/$72PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Hey kids, school's out and the fun is in here. Schoolbreakers is for students, ages 5-11 years, who have a day off from school and would like to enjoy age appropriate activities at the Perinton Community Center. Enjoy games in the gym, fun in the pool, arts and crafts, cooking and more. Schoolbreakers is a safe and enjoyable way to spend a day off from school. Space is please register early. Please bring a swimsuit and towel for the 8:00 AM-1:00 PM sessions if you wish to swim in the Aquatics Center. If your child is staying the whole day, please provide a bagged lunch with your child's name on it.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125870-ASCHOOLBREAKERS02/18/20 - 02/18/20Tu 8:00A - 1:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125870-BSCHOOLBREAKERS02/18/20 - 02/18/20Tu 1:00P - 6:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125870-CSCHOOLBREAKERS02/19/20 - 02/19/20W 8:00A - 1:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125870-DSCHOOLBREAKERS02/19/20 - 02/19/20W 1:00P - 6:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125870-ESCHOOLBREAKERS02/20/20 - 02/20/20Th 8:00A - 1:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125870-FSCHOOLBREAKERS02/20/20 - 02/20/20Th 1:00P - 6:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125870-GSCHOOLBREAKERS02/21/20 - 02/21/20F 8:00A - 1:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125870-HSCHOOLBREAKERS02/21/20 - 02/21/20F 1:00P - 6:00P$30/$33PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable

    125894 - SNAPOLOGY

    Calling all gamers! Have a blast creating robotic games each week while learning about robotics. Students will learn about gear ratio, sensors, programming, and pulleys as they create fun to play games. Whether creating a pinball machine, duck hunt or a ring toss game, your child is sure to have fun building, learning and playing.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125894-BGAMEBOTS ROBOTICS02/27/20 - 04/02/20Th 6:00P - 7:00P$85/$94PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125894-CPOKEMANIA01/23/20 - 02/13/20Th 6:00P - 7:00P$60/$66PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable
    Add to Cart125894-DSTEAM SNAPOLOGY PROG01/26/20 - 04/05/20Su10:00A - 11:00A$139/$149PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable


    Crazy Chemwork: Shake up a flask of fun in the lab and become a junior chemist! Learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results. Check out the colors of chemistry with the power of pH paper and create a stopper-popping reaction. Probe the properties of light and discover some unusual applicaitons of glow-in-the-dark technology.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimeFeesLocation      Single Icon      Status
    Add to Cart125905-ABE A JUNIOR SCIENTIS01/22/20 - 02/12/20W 5:00P - 6:00P$65/$72PERINTON COM. CENTERItem DetailsAvailable